Betina Mazzarino, PWN Global's VP Entrepreneurship Wins EU Leadership Award

We are proud to announce that Betina Mazzarino, PWN Global's VP Entrepreneurship has been awarded the EU Leadership Award for her incredible work with the highly acclaimed Virtual Entrepreneurship Program.

In 2016, PWN Munich launched their Virtual Entrepreneurship Program (VEP). In just one year, the VEP went from a local operation with 25 participants in Europe to a global venture that reached 70 participants, with a truly global audience - participants from Brazil, Turkey, the U.S and Europe.

Behind the scenes is the incredible selfless and hard-working Betina Mazzarino, PWN Global's VP Entrepreneurship.

For anybody who has ever worked with Betina, she is an uncommon 'tour de force', whose smart thinking, passion, time and energy have fueled this process from the beginning. With her inimitible leadership style, she has imbued that enthusiasm in other volunteers and as a result, received immeasurable support of the coordinators Flor Puppio, Federica Ferracini, Julia Bordes and Susan Blenkinsop.

Both the program and initiative were conceived and developed by Betina Mazzarino to empower professionals to achieve their business goals and aspirations. When asked to comment on the program and the award, here's what Betina said:

When I asked Betina to quote on her award - here's what she said: 

"This program emerged as a personal need to empowering business leaders to develop business with ‘soul’. 

I had the privilege of being an entrepreneur almost my whole life, and I always felt the division between the personal and professional realms that reflects also upon the way we operate in business. As a result, I believe in the generation of spaces to foster not only the development of the human being that operates behind business, but also the care for the larger system of which we are all part (including the undeniable need to make profit).

Starting from the moment when the project was only a small seedling of an idea, through to the present day, much work has been done and PWN Global has been the perfect nursery for this seed to grow. The organization gave me the opportunity to design and develop a learning program, and do what I am most passionate about - create a wonderful  greenhouse for discovery and growth."

About the award:

In 2001, Saint Bernard Pass Charitable Foundation launched a joint initiative with EU to honor the contributions and efforts made by individuals and organizations who’s work to change the world for better. These awards recognize substantial efforts in the areas of Family Business, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Leadership, and Corporate Responsibility. 

About the short video:

Betina Mazzarino VP Global Entrepreneurship and Flor Puppio VP Entrepreneurship Munich and VEP Program Coordinator, receiving the Leadership Award from the hands of Dr. Dirk Craen President of the EU Business School and Dr. Adolf Ogi Former president of Switzerland.

If you would like to find out more about Betina, or the Entrepreneurship program, please contact:

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