Personal branding in a competitive global market

07 November 2018 18:30 - 21:00 Folkuniversitetet, Aula 220

Much has changed in the workplace in recent times, and this change is far from over - artificial intelligence, job (in)stability, gig economy, consultancy and digitalization, just to mention a few. So how do you become - and stay - more competitive in today's rapidly changing professional landscape? You develop a strong personal brand!

We are excited to invite international marketing expert Emily Carter to tell us all about what a brand is, why you should have one even if you’re not a celebrity, politician or travel blogger, the era of change we live in, and will make you question what you know about learned management skills. At the end, you will think differently about your CV and work experience, and begin to build a stronger plan for future success.

Emily has an unusual working history that spans a broad range of industries and features some surprising cross-industry jumps. Her strengths lie in recognizing patterns and trends, and bringing together seemingly unrelated pieces of information to make sense of larger problems. Starting her career in Australia, Emily later spent nearly a year travelling solo around Europe as a 'digital nomad' and language student, before settling in Sweden. She is passionate about helping our social system adapt to global changes. Her experience ranges from analytics, to delivering leadership training to management teams, to speaking on the potential impact of robots on the restaurant industry at the Symposium of Australian Gastronomy. Currently, Emily works as a Customer Experience and Marketing Specialist in the biotech industry and pursues her other interests in her own time. Follow her on LinkedIn:

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