PWN Romania: Women on Boards 2020 Program “Next generation of female leaders”

30 January 2019 18:30 - 20:30 The Bucharest Stock Exchange, the Aquarium Hall


Dear Madams,

We have the honor to invite you to the first “Next generation of female leaders” seminar – “Liabilities of members in management bodies”, on January 30. The seminar will address aspects related to the activity and liability of administrators, general managers or CEOs, Board members or Supervisory Board members, members of Management Board within private and state-owned companies. 

The seminar will be delivered by Madalina Paisa, coordinator of the M&A, and company’s law department of Mitel & Asociatii Law Firm. Madalina has a vast practice experience in company’s law, corporate governance, M&A, joint ventures, and shareholders agreements.

The interactive seminar will address answers to the following questions:

  • What behaviour should the management body assume so as its business decision to be aligned within both reasonability and opportunity limits?
  • Is corporate governance an autonomous organisational and functioning system for all types of companies, both privately or state-owned regulated?
  •  In what situations and conditions can members of the management bodies be held accountable? How do judicial courts approach these situations?

Any business decision is influenced by the interaction of internal and external factors of economic, social and cultural realities, and it lies on the flexible axis of winning and losing opportunities. Most of the times, success in business depends on the way it has been projected, supervised and implemented by the ones assuming responsibility for the business’ activities. 

The seminar’s purpose is to clarify the legal framework applicable to the activity of members in management bodies and proposes solutions for some situations often met in practice in terms of corporate governance for limited liability companies and joint stock companies. 


18:00 - 18:30 Registration of participants

18:30 - 20:00 Guest speaker - Madalina Paisa, partner, Mitel & Partners 

20:00 - 20:30 Networking


Highlights of the presentation:

1. The Principles governing the mandate execution of management bodies’ members

  • Nomination of management bodies’ members. Conditions and particularities.
  • The activity of management bodies’ members. The principles governing the decision-making process, from approval to implementation and supervision. 

2. The Liabilities of management bodies’ members

The Principle of Joint and Several Liability. Is it possible to hold members of management bodies responsible for the acts of empowered people, directors and employed staff?

  • The Civil Liability of management bodies’ members. Case studies.
  • The liability of management bodies’ members in case of insolvency. 
  • The criminal liability of management bodies’ members. Types of criminal offences

The host of the evening is Ileana Botez, VP WoB PWN Romania.

Talks will be held in Romanian. No English translation will be available. 

The seminar will take place at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, in the Aquarium Hall, 14th floor, 34-36, Carol I Boulevard.

For an efficient organisation and better visibility of number of participants, please register by sending a confirmation email, followed by an online payment of the participation fee: 50 RON for members, at the following link -, and 75 RON for non-members, at the following link -

R.S.V.P. at by Monday, January 28. 


Event details

The Bucharest Stock Exchange, the Aquarium Hall
14th floor, 34-36, Carol I Boulevard
Member price
€10 per attendee
Non-member price
€15 per attendee


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