PWN Vienna Workshop - "The Desire for Perfection"

25 February 2019 18:30 - 21:00 The Cambridge Institute

In our world today, women and girls are faced with the constant daily crisis of society’s double standards: Among other things, a need or wish to be perfect and to excel at everything and anything, from the way we perform in our professional lives, through to how we view ourselves and our bodies. Women and girls are continuously confronting themselves or being confronted with their appearance, the way their bodies look, how they act around certain people, finding enough time for themselves and even with their sexuality.

Globally, the need for approval, control and the tight grip we want to have on our lives, is only the beginning of a cycle that leads to serious health and well-being issues, such as eating disorders, panic attacks, and even mental health problems.

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The Cambridge Institute
Mariahilferstraße 121b,
1060 Vienna
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25 February 2019
PWN Vienna Workshop - "The Desire for Perfection"
18:30 - 21:00 Elena Castellucci on The Desire for Perfection


  • Ms Elena Castellucci
    Holistic Health & Energy Coach and Fitness Instructor Tanka Solutions VIEW PROFILE

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