PWN Stockholm: Workshop - Towards a sustainable work-life balance

25 April 2019 18:00 - 21:00 Folkuniversitetet, Room 631

In our existence we can all feel stuck, anxious and pressured at some point, whether it's in our private or professional lives. We are often conditioned by the many “shoulds”, “musts” and “coulds” around us. As a result, we might start to feel dissatisfied, tense, and stressed and find it difficult to see a clear way forward. We risk losing compassion, self-esteem, confidence and our health might even deteriorate.

Many of us are longing to reach a state of happiness and growth that we all deserve, on our own terms. But how do we get there? Reaching a sustainable balance between work and your personal life takes courage. It requires knowledge of oneself, commitment and authenticity.  Yet finding the right guidance and advice is often difficult. 

During this co-creative workshop, our guest coaches Estelle and Jean-Charles will use interactive techniques to take you through three core steps towards achieving greater satisfaction and balance in your life:

          1. Acknowledging your understanding of work-life balance mechanisms. What is balance for you?

          2. Bringing in your own experience of how your work-life is organized today.  How is your work-life today?

          3. Understanding/being aware of what it would take for you to reach and cultivate a sustainable work-life balance. What                 is your dream work-life balance and what do you need to reach it?

Via group discussions and interaction between participants, the objective of this workshop is to stimulate your thinking, feelings, views and knowledge about your current & future work-life balance and the areas where you may need to define new strategies for reaching your goals - we define these components as your life-puzzle. 

Participants will also gain access to one free trial coaching session with Estelle or Jean-Charles, to be booked directly with them after the event.

We strongly believe that we are all resourceful and that we must become aware of our potential. Come join us and discover yours!

About Estelle

Estelle Louvel has a background in languages and civilization, literature, philosophy, international trades and marketing. After several years managing business development across Europe, Africa and USA, she decided to undertake an MBA specialized in marketing. Today, she is a strategic marketing expert with strong international exposure. She enjoys developing new skills and growing personally and professionally. Additionally, she is a certified yoga teacher - she loves to share yoga and blend her practice with other activities such as deep breathing and natural relaxation techniques. She has always been passionate about self-development, and supporting others to reach their full potential and flourish. She is also a trained Co-Active® coach; her philosophy in coaching and mentoring is not a one size fits all approach—it is tailored just for you. It’s all about co-creation, and she encourages you to step back, reflect on what’s working in your life and what’s not and find how to reach sustainable work-life harmony. She facilitates a deeper self-awareness, brings clarity and fresh perspectives, and guides you through your journey. Estelle is originally from France, but calls herself a citizen of the world and has been living in Sweden for 6 years with her husband. Her family is spread between France, Belgium, Emirates and the US. She has a circle of lifelong friends who make her a better person as they travel through their myriad life transitions together.

Read more about Estelle and connect here:

About Jean-Charles

Jean-Charles is a trained coach to the Co-Active® model and an academic researcher in work/non-work experiences. He is also a certified consultant in Cultural Transformation Tools enabling cultural transformation of individuals, teams and organisations. Jean-Charles is deeply interested in human, personal development and leadership with a focus on work/non-work experiences. As a Work-life Researcher, he is interested about what, how and why individuals segment and integrate their lifes domains to achieve a harmonic and sustainable life. As a Work/non-work Co-Active® Coach, Consultant & Counsellor at JCL Humanistic Consulting AB, he empowers individuals, employees and leaders in being the hero of their life puzzle and he also supports organisations in such a quest. Jean-Charles is French, but has been living in Sweden since 2001; he sees himself as international citizen and works as a coach all around the world.

Read more about JCL Humanistic Consulting AB here:


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Folkuniversitetet, Room 631
Kungstensgatan 45
113 59 Stockholm
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SEK150 per attendee
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