PWN Amsterdam: Midpoint Check-In Mentoring Program

11 April 2019 18:30 CEST - 20:00 CEST WEBINAR
We're Halfway Already...Time to Check-in?

In February we matched you with your mentees and mentors during the Meet your Match Event! You all started your mentoring conversations by clarifying goals, agreeing where, when and how often to meet, and in some cases identifying some things to think about more deeply from the get-go.  

And while we've been hearing some very good feedback from some of you, we'd like to take a moment to check in with more of you, and invite you to share your experiences across our community:
  • Were you able to fine-tune and sharpen your mentoring goal to gain clarity and focus? 
  • What kind of progress have you been making?
  • What challenges have you faced?
  • And what are some of the key learnings you might share with others in the program this year?
  • What are your top tips for getting the most out of mentoring?
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Thursday 11th April 2019
Mid-Point Webinar!

18:30 - 20:00 CEST 
Webinar - Why, What and When?  

Why? Since we're all busy people, and don't all live close to Amsterdam, we would like to connect with you all on a live webinar session. Will you join us online?

What? The PWN Mentoring Program is all about learning from each other! We will: 
  • provide space and time to interact with each other in the online space, and facilitate a discussion with key questions we can all relate to
  • invite you to share the learning you're gaining through this process
  • explore the skills and mindsets helping you today, and that you can leverage in other professional relationships
  • share some thoughts on psychological safety and 360° listening - something that can come in handy not only in a mentoring relationship, but in so very many situations
We like to meet you online on April 11th at 18:30 CEST. 

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