PWN Amsterdam Lunch & Learn: "Your Personal Style At Work" July 19th

19 July 2019 12:00 CET - 13:30 CET Facebook

As women, we are judged often and harshly based on how we look. Having a well-developed personal style gives self-confidence. But what happens when your style clashes with the corporate culture you are working in?

> Do you wish you could spend less time figuring out what to wear to work? 

> Do you feel constrained or conflicted by the way your employer or client expects you to look? 

> Does your work wardrobe feel like a costume? 

Join us for this interactive Lunch & Learn workshop, hosted by PWN Member Tammy Parrish, from The Clothing Compass, to explore your personal style, to dive into Tammy's five practical steps to help you fit your personal style into corporate culture and to use these five steps to work through your own challenge. 

> Learn how defining your goal and your role moves you closer to a solution.

> Start to define your personal style, which will form a basis for future decisions.

> Determine the real vs. perceived facts and feelings on both sides.

> Use your creativity to come up with acceptable alternatives.

> Find your tribe to strengthen your relationships with like-minded colleagues/allies.

Please come prepared with an example of how you have felt pressure to look a certain way at work.

Bonus: Workshop participants who would like more help defining their style or improving their visual image can fill in this questionnaire and arrange a complimentary 30-minute video call with Tammy, giving you personalized tips and tricks to reach your image goals.

PWN members who book services within two weeks of the Lunch & Learn will receive a 20% discount on their first booking. 




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Jollemanhof 15
1019 GW Amsterdam
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€10 per attendee
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Each attendee is responsible for bringing their lunch. In addition, Non-Premium members pay a entry fee of 10.- euros.
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