PWN Norway @Oslo Innovation Week

24 September 2019 15:30 - 20:30 Sentralen



WORKSHOP “Co-creating Solutions for the Future of Work”

15:00–16:45, Hosted by Aunthentigration
Facilitators: Alicia Partee, Kathra Saba, Walaa Abuelmagd, Aditi Jajal-Newey

Join us for a collaborative workshop around questions that matter. Each table will be hosted by a thought leader in designing work cultures. Each workshop participant will have the unique opportunity to co-create solutions related to designing work cultures and the future of work.

Instead of an organization coming up with a solution single-handedly, systematic co-creation will involve us working together across genders, ethnicity, professions, sectors and industries to address an identified problem in the most effective and innovative way possible.

Workshop format
• Participants will be placed at a table with 5 – 7 other participants, hosted by a guest leader
• Each table will have a pre-identified problem to review and create a solution.
• After 20 minutes, the table hosts will change tables. This way, participants get to work with more than one thought leader and subject matter expert.
• Each table will have 5 minutes to present their solution at the end of the workshop.

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17.00 Networking & snacks
17.30 Doors Open
PWN Norway 25th Year Anniversary
Keynote (15 min)
Fireside chat (30min)
Keynote (15 min)
Fireside chat (30 min)
Music by AnnPrincess
Keynote (15 min)
Fireside chat (30min)

You all know a computer operating system — you can’t see it, you’re not really aware of ever using it but without it nothing else works properly. The culture at your workplace is the same —it’s unseen, people are generally unaware of how important it is and without it, or with the wrong norms, nothing else works properly.

Imagine that you could, with the wave of a wand, design and create any culture you want in your workplace. If you could create a way of working together and relating, that met your wildest dreams, what would that look like, and feel like? In this PWN Norway event, we will be discussing what it takes to design great work cultures, how you can become a culture builder and What you can do to increase the number of culture builders on your team.

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Øvre Slottsgate 3
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  • Ms Eva Turk
    Associate Professor PWN Norway / University of South Eastern Norway VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Alicia Partee
    President PWN Norway VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Heidi Aven
    Co-Founder & Owner SHE Community VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Mette Hopsdal​
    DNA director ice VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Nichol Bradford
    CEO / Executive Director Willow Group / Transformative Technology Lab VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Aditi Jajal-Newey
    Founder & Communications Strategist Flow Concepts VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Kathra Saba
    COO & Co-Founder Generation Mobility VIEW PROFILE

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