PWN Copenhagen-How to use your breath to profit personally & professionally

21 October 2019 17:00 - 20:00 Djøf

 Join PWN Copenhagen and Elizabeth Rankich at our breath-learning workshop, that might just transform your breathing, and improve your performance. 

Your breath may just be the balance that you’re looking for in both your personal and professional life.
As human beings, we must breathe. It is essential to keep us alive.  And the way we breathe is linked to every single function and system in the body yet around 80% of us get it wrong. Correct breathing can be used as a tool to radically improve our physical health and mental state of being.  The quality of which influences not only how we move through our daily life, but how we affect the people around us - our relationships, our families, our colleagues, our teams. 
Most people are aware of the fact that the breath can calm us, but often underestimate how much of what we think and feel depends on physical reactions that we can actually control with the breath. A breathing practice could help one course-correct their life, recover from stress and diminish anxiety.   Just as yoga has become a mainstream practice for personal alignment, Breathwork can be a practice in our busy schedules to not just transform but to transcend us to the best selves in our hectic modern world and work lives.

Why attend?


  • You will learn simple and quick tools on how to change your mental state instantly using only your breath.
  • You will feel a taste of the clear headspace and the blissful energy that could have you feeling and performing at your best through all aspects of your life every day. 
  • You will get inspired to re-think how you handle your day-to-day stress and challenges, committing to a simple breath practice of your own that will continue to provide health, peace, and clarity in your life. 
  • If you find sitting still to meditate to be difficult but understand the benefits this will be a super boost to your practice.
  • Learn how to use your breath to get to the root of stress and anxiety symptoms.

Event details

Gothersgade 133
1133 Copenhagen K

Member price
DKK0 per attendee
Non-member price
DKK150 per attendee


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