PWN Vienna: Authentic Communication: Becoming more confident in your communication

16 March 2020 18:00 - 21:00 The Cambridge Institute Vienna


We communicate all the time. And, without good communication, it is really hard to have an impact on life.

How often something depends on saying the right thing at the right time?

How many times have you missed opportunities only because you did not find the right words?

How many times you have felt that you speak a different language with your boss, client or partner?

Have you been in situations where you felt that you simply click with someone, the conversation is flowing? And, at other times, the conversation is stuck.

In this workshop, you will gain deep insight into the communication and the deeper unconscious layers of how we receive communication. You will discover how we think, how we process information and what happens behind the scenes i.e. in the brain. This workshop will improve your ability to connect with others and communicate with them in a way that resonates with their internal thinking processes so that you can connect better with others, get better results with your communication and improve your relationships.

For security reasons regarding COVID-19 we currently have to postpone all workshops. More information on the future date will be announced as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding!


Event details

The Cambridge Institute Vienna
Mariahilfer Str. 121B, 1060 Wien
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€0 per attendee
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€35 per attendee


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