PWN Copenhagen - Advancing Your Career by Removing Inner Limitations

25 March 2020 17:30 - 20:30 Online at 11:00 and 20:00

Learn to identify blocks that keep you from advancing in your career. In this workshop we will work with the Subconscious Release Technique to identify blocks, and release them. When we “clear” programs, you will no longer associate a negative emotion with a trigger. Therefore when you hear the same phrase, hear a name, or remember the same traumatic incident, it will no longer have any impact. You don’t get triggered and go into a spin. You no longer get ruffled. You will leave this workshop feeling more empowered and with a powerful tool to help you approach future stumbling blocks.  

During this  SRT workshop, learn:

-       What SRT, the subconscious release technique is

-       Learn muscle testing

-       Learn what emotions are linked with your different programs and blocks

-       identify blocks that keep us from receiving abundance and prosperity & release limiting financial beliefs and feel empowered 

-       Use affirmations that will raise the energy vibration of the body and hence attract people and things of the same high vibration


How will you feel after the workshop? One or all of the following:

-       Less tension in your body

-       Like a ton of bricks is lifted off you

-       The pressure within is released

-       You will feel more calm 


Event details

Online at 11:00 and 20:00
Gothersgade 133, 1123 København
Member price
DKK0 per attendee
Non-member price
DKK250 per attendee


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