PWN Norway Webinar: "How to Conquer Uncertainty with a Powerful Personal Brand" with Aditi Jajal-Newey, Founder and Lead Strategist of Flow Concepts

28 May 2020 18:00 - 19:30 The event will take place online

With the crisis we are facing right now, and through the recessions and other crises that we have faced over the past few decades, many of us are feeling the dread that comes with uncertain times. Will I still have a job? Will I still be able to reach clients for my business to survive? How will I get my family through this?

But what if you could build a channel that doesn’t depend on external variables? What if you could build a channel that is dependent solely on YOU and how you reach and connect with people over the Internet?

A powerful digital personal brand is recession-proof - it allows you to monetize your own skills and ‘unique abilities’ and package them into courses, masterclasses, books, content, and more. Each of these packages has monetary value and can help you build an alternative and stable income stream that you can turn the volume up on should you lose your job, or should your business take a hit for any reason.

In this webinar, Aditi will take you through the basics of: 

 How to build and grow your personal brand

  • How to build and grow your personal brand

  • How to create digital products and channels that you can monetize

  • How to grow your influence with your personal brand so that it fuels every other aspect of your business or career


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The event will take place online
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