PWN Amsterdam: STOP! the MindF*ck and become your Leading Lady

15 July 2020 19:00 CET - 20:30 CET Online via Zoom

Become the Leader of your Life

Can you identify with one or more of the following statements?

I look successful from the outside but deep inside I feel insecure and unsatisfied...
I'm capable and highly educated but I fear the imposter syndrome...
I'm seen as strong and determined but feel powerless and doubt myself at times...
I'm known as somebody who’s able to manage it all but I feel pressure to live up to other people’s expectations....

You’re not the only one! It's as if women are fighting against all odds and something is holding us back, but what?

Join us in this Interactive Online Session with International Speaker and Leading Lady Coach Chantal Heutink, who has asked herself this same question numerous times.

Along the way, Chantal discovered how deep rooted our inner critic is anchored, of which most of the time we are not aware. By becoming aware of the so called 'MindF*ck' seduction skills and flipping the narrative, we will be able to take the lead again, and create our desired work and personal lives. 

How? That’s something Chantal will share during this engaging session. 

Get inspired and say bye bye to your MindF*ck !

 About Chantal Heutink:

Chantal worked in the corporate world for more then twenty years, until she had the courage to follow her childhood dream. She went to Kenya and successfully established the I-Care company, developing, producing and distributing washable sanitary pads. Chantal has led her business until 2016 and has reached over 55.000 girls and women. 
While starting afresh with her Red Power mission, she felt something was holding her back, despite her courageous adventure. Through trial and error, Chantal discovered what kept her from thriving. Nowadays she is a successful Leading Lady Coach and Speaker, and is author of the book ‘On high heels in Africa’ (only available in Dutch).


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