PWN Amsterdam: Applied Creativity and its benefits for you

19 August 2020 19:00 CET - 20:30 CET Online via Zoom

COVID 19 and creativity

The Corona crisis has shown us how important it is to find solutions for new problems. With all the terrible things Corona brought us, one thing made me happy: how so many people instantly adopted a creator mindset and found (online) ways to continue doing what was important or necessary to them.
And that is (applied) creativity at its core. Many people think that creativity is a talent one possesses or one doesn’t. They think it is something innate and reserved for those working in the creative industry. This, however, is not true. The good news is that not only is everyone born with the ability to be creative, it is also something that – like any other skill – can be developed over time.

 Why does creativity matter? 

Creativity is becoming increasingly important. The World Economic Forum has placed creativity on nr. 3 (of the 10) most important skills of the future. ‘The Quality of Randomness’ they call it. Creativity is the ability to think outside existing patterns and come up with new ways of working together, new products, new business; the ability to be transformational leaders that not only can imagine a new future but through creativity can lead teams to be more productive and more innovative.

How can I help you boost your creativity?

After having studied drama and worked as an actress and theatre director for many years, Julia Bless got interested in how the creative mind  works. What were we actually doing that made us creative?  From there she has developed courses in creativity and in creative leadership, using researched based techniques on creative thinking and combining them with theatre techniques.

My invitation to you

Julia is going to be holding an interactive online session in which she not only will share her knowledge with you, she will also make sure your creative mind is triggered AND that we have lots of FUN. So wherever you are, on holiday or at home, log in and let’s turn on our creativity! 

About Julia: "Creativity and human behaviour lie at the core of my professional life. In my work as a theatre director I use creativity to generate a meaningful experience for my audiences. In my work as facilitator/lecturer in Management Skills and Business Innovation, I use creative tools to inspire people, unlock new ideas and gain insight into human behaviour".


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