PWN Copenhagen - Mentoring Program 2020

05 October 2020 18:00 - 21:00 Online Session

Do you have personal and professional goals that you feel stuck with at the moment?

Are you at a point in your education and/or career, where you feel you can’t reach the next step on your own?

Then PWN Mentoring Program might be just for you.

Mentoring is recognized as a cost-effective and impactful way to prepare future business leaders. Diverse research confirms that mentoring is indeed a key ingredient to professional progress up the leadership pipeline.

The Fall 2020 Mentoring Program by PWN Copenhagen offers you:

  • A structured and guided program with your specifically assigned mentor
  • 5 individual sessions with your mentor (virtual or in-person according to agreement)
  • Support in formulating an ambitious & achievable, and motivating goal at kick-off
  • Regular accountability check-ins throughout the duration of the program to ensure steady progress
  • A network of other mentees, with the opportunity to support each other

 Here is a timeline of all important dates to keep in mind:

  • October 5: Kick-off group session* focused on your goal formulation
  • October 19: Communication of finalized matches between mentors and mentees
  • By November 6: All mentor-mentee pairs have had the first meeting
  • By November 13: Evaluation and feedback from all mentor-mentee pairs
  • Program in progress: Ongoing individual meetings between all mentor-mentee pairs
  • By mid-January: Evaluation and feedback from all mentor-mentee pairs
  • By March 12: All mentor-mentee pairs have concluded their 5 sessions
  • Mid-March: Final evaluation and reflection survey
  • March 31 Group session*: Presentation of results and experience sharing

*Please note that these sessions will be hosted online as a Zoom call due to Covid-19 meeting restrictions. Depending on the actual situation at the time of the meeting, this might change.


Details about the kick-off session:

The session will take place as a Zoom video call and will be recorded. It is a compulsory event for all mentees, and you will get the highest benefit if you attend the session live. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and become crystal clear on what exactly you want to achieve throughout the next 6 months with the Mentoring Program.

We use your outcome from the session in finding you the mentor that is best suited to support you in your endeavours.

In case you cannot make it, you are able to watch the recording and work on the provided reflections on your own. You are expected to hand in your reflections by Thursday, October 8 to ensure the best possible match with a mentor.


Are you interested in joining the program in 2020?

  • Register and pay for this event (you have to be a PWN Copenhagen member in order to do so)
  • Fill in the application form in order to give us the background we need to find you the perfect match
  • Registration closes on Sunday, September 27

For any questions, contact Franziska Luxhøj, VP Mentoring&Career Development, +4552708198 or

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Event details

Online Session
Member price
DKK500 per attendee
Non-member price
DKK2000 per attendee

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