PWN Norway Webinar: Ask the Experts - Q&A Legal Advice Session with Krifa

20 October 2020 18:00 - 19:30 Online

Finding legal help can be difficult and expensive. It becomes even more challenging if you are an expat and therefore not fluent in the local language and technical jargon. 

Fortunately, organizations like Krifa exist to offer their expert services. Krifa helps you with career guidance and questions about retirement. It helps you feel secure at work and improve your motivation. 

After a 10-minute introduction of the speakers, Krifa, and its history, the webinar will continue with a Q&A session on popular topics such as:

  • Lay-off and termination issues
  • Employment contracts
  • Employee rights
  • Working hours; conditions
  • Labor law questions related to the Coronavirus situation


Please note that the lawyers’ advice is valid only in Norway. 



Krifa stands out from the “normal unions” in Norway. The difference is that it follows the person and not the profession. Krifa has over 100 years of experience in Denmark, over 10 years in Norway, and more than 200,000 members. Krifa’s mission is to boost satisfaction and offer assistance and inspiration to all its members. Members can count on Krifa to help them make the right choices. 

Krifa is more modern than traditional unions and it is a good alternative for many.



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