PWN Copenhagen - A Practical Guide from Compassion to Inclusion

19 November 2020 17:30 - 19:30 Online Session

This two-hour workshop will give you an introduction to practicing a more compassionate and conscious approach to yourself and others. The objective is to deepen our own understanding of ourselves to live more fully in alignment with our own purpose. As each of us develop better ways to live authentically, we naturally support the authenticity of others. 

We will review concepts of inclusion by Lydie Lambert, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Mindfulness/meditation facilitator. There is no single way to work with inclusion in our organisations. And it requires us to be able to navigate in our own feelings and reactions in relation to others with understanding. This is why we introduce compassion as a fundamental element in being inclusive. 

In this hands-on workshop, you will be introduced to the concepts and theories of compassion, by psychologist Helena Lycke Artland, Compassion based therapy specialist. Helena will provide us with an understanding of the neuropsychological conditions that determine the ability of awareness and compassion for the self/others.  We will gain a theoretical understanding of how compassion influences our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and the body.  When we make space for ourselves, just as we are, it becomes more possible to be supportive, understanding and generous with others and their differences (more inclusive).

Note: In the workshop, we will establish a group commitment to respect and openness. We will be taught a meditation that can help us grow more compassionate over time. By participating, you agree to be open to learning about your own and others’ judgements as gracefully as possible in a group setting.

Deliverables: Theory, understanding, and practical examples of inclusion and compassionate awareness, and a meditation that participants can use in their own development.


17.30 Welcome and inclusion introduction

17.45 Compassion discourse

18.15 Break 

18.25 Compassion (continued)

18.40 Meditation

19.00 Conclusion

19.05 Q&A

19.30 Thanks for today!

This event is held as part of the Balanced Leadership program in PWN Copenhagen and is suitable for all professionals who work for more inclusion in modern organizations, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or other differences.


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