PWN Copenhagen - From Stuck to Empowered

10 February 2021 17:00 - 19:00 Online Session



Start and grow your career/business without spiraling in cycles of stuckness and overwhelm.

Losing sight of our personal and professional ambitions is a challenge for many of us. 

Somewhere along the way, life happens and we feel stuck with lack of clarity, drive and enthusiasm that we used to have.

We get limited in our thinking and don’t know anymore how to get back on track and regain a sense of purpose & empowerment. 

This workshop is for you if you feel stuck in how to move forward with your career & business. Jyoti & Franziska guide you through their proven method of going from stuck and empowered. 

You will unlock and discover:

The 3-step ‘hack your mind’ method

Learn our proven self-coaching method that allows you to see your situation from an empowered perspective and start designing immediate actions that move you forward.

Your ‘stuck-to-empowered’ roadmap

This is where the metaphorical ‘rubber meets the road’. We share the exact tips and tricks that will move you from ‘no hope’ to ‘new possibilities’.

You walk away with:

An increased sense of freedom and aligned actions

The awareness of choice in your life

Boosted self-confidence and unwavering trust in yourself

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Online Session

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DKK0 per attendee
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DKK150 per attendee


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