PWN Copenhagen - You matter! It's time to care for YOU!

27 April 2021 19:00 - 21:00 Online Event

And no, this is not an invitation to a spa evening…. Though afterwards it may feel like you have been to a spa. ;-) 

This evening it’s time to let your hair down, to open up your heart, to be honest with yourself, and to enter a “spa(ce)” where you can vent what really matters to you right now! 

In your day-to-day life it may be challenging to be your true self, to voice unfiltered what worries you, the doubts you have, and the longing(s) you feel. 

Covid-19 circumstances may have put extra pressure on you to be strong, to continuously look for the positive, to focus on caring for those close to you, to be grateful, to stay healthy, to appreciate the limited social life and a calendar with more free time.  

And as valuable as this pressure can be, it can also end up leaving very little space for vulnerability, for voicing loneliness, for accepting a need for change, for realizing certain relations are no longer wanted, for filling yourself up with joy and energy, for adjusting to the reduced sense of control of your life’s circumstances. 

This evening we will focus on how we - in our PWN community - can create a true sanctuary for each one of us. A place where it’s totally normal, comfortable, and easy to be your true self, and to voice what matters to you right now – professionally, personally or both. 

Through a virtual interactive setting you will discover: 

- How to relax & be present.  

- How liberating loneliness, longings, pressure, etc. can be when shared.  

- How we easily can support each other in daring to BE who we truly are.  

- How we can discover sources of joy, relief, love and connection – together. 

- The Power of bringing all of you (professional + personal) to the world.  


You will leave with a kind of “soul spa feel” and a stronger sense of self and community. 

What better opportunity to care for YOU and remember that you matter!

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