The Feminine and Masculine Forces in Your Leadership and Communication Styles

19 October 2021 13:00 - 14:00 Zoom

There seems to be a common misconception among both women and men, of what the feminine and the masculine really mean and their value to society and to our businesses. What’s more, the two forces are somewhat competing with one another, leading to stereotyping, lack of understanding, and I would even dare to say, the battle of the sexes :) So, is the masculine force more desirable in running an effective organisation? Or should you rather lean into your feminine? Or, forget the masculine and feminine altogether? Good questions, are they not? We shall tackle this confusion head on in our upcoming workshop for leaders. Let’s see if we can revisit your own way of thinking about the issue so that you can understand yourselves and others better and create a workplace culture where people (including YOU) actually like to work. 

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  • Ms Alena Huberova
    Trainer, Speaker and Founder of SHELeads I Helping women know their inner strength, find the powerful leader within and unapologetically lead THEIR way VIEW PROFILE

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