PWN Global VEP 2021: Module 5 - Design Thinking

08 October 2021 14:00 CET - 16:00 CET ZOOM WEBINAR

Do you have an idea for your business already? Or even several ideas? You don’t know which one to choose? And even if you know, do you ask yourself ‘what’s next’?

All these are right questions that deserve the right answers. During the VEP Module 5 of Design Thinking, led by Patrick Roupin, you will first, learn how to extract trends and foresights from a given business situation, but also from your personal life experience and social observations.

The exercise of projection will help you to imagine the evolution of your business and generate the 'game-changing' questions. You will draft potential business scenarios and learn how to frame the potential areas of investigation in your customer research. You will find out what information from real life about real people and their needs is necessary to obtain.

The exercise of “prospective” will help you with creation of concept boards - a collection of interrelated ideas - that will allow you to see potential business solutions, the story of customers' journeys, imagine a Persona, and create a 'system map' that explains how the business process is going to evolve.

In the Module 5, "Design Thinking" you will understand what exactly you need for converting your business idea into a practical and realistic prototype, which will allow you creating competitive value propositions for your business.

Join us on the two-hour live webinar on Friday 8 October 2021, and you will learn how to:

  • Extract trends and foresights from a given market & business situation
  • Translate your business idea into concept boards and prototypes
  • Imagine your Customer Persona and Customer Journey
  • Create a “System Map” of your business process

***This session is also part of a trio of modules that we recommend are taken together for maximum impact on your business. To book the trio, please go to the Trio booking page***

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