PWN Global VEP 2021: Module 6 - Your Business Model

05 November 2021 14:00 CET - 16:00 CET ZOOM WEBINAR

Once you have successfully managed to translate your business idea into a concept and then viable prototype, it is time to prepare your Business Model; to check how your business can create, capture, and deliver value. During the VEP Module 6 Dr Eleftheria Egel will help you to explore and prepare Your Business Model using The Business Model Canvas tool.

The Business Model Canvas was created by Strategyzer and can be downloaded for free here. It is a one-page visual description of your business model that allows you to carry out a high-level analysis without getting lost in details. It comprises nine building blocks that are related and integrated. The building blocks form the foundations of every successful business. They clarify 4 aspects of your business concept:  the offering-the customers-the finance and the infrastructure.

Join us on the two-hour live webinar on Friday 5 November 2021, and you will find answers to the questions on how you can better determine:

  • Who you are creating value for (customer segments)
  • What value you are creating (value proposition)
  • How you can capture the value you create (channels-customer relations-partnerships-activities)
  • How you can deliver value efficiently (cost-revenue-resources)

***This session is also part of a trio of modules that we recommend are taken together for maximum impact on your business. To book the trio, please go to the Trio booking page***

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