PWN Copenhagen - 3 Steps to Know, Meet and Interact with Your Ideal Client

17 November 2021 18:00 - 21:00 Matrikel1 - Cafe

Whether your goal is to re-position yourself for a new start or take your business to the next stage, profiling your Ideal Client is one of the keys to your success.

Your Ideal Client is this person you created your business for, the one person you help find a solution to a specific problem or live the experience they strive for, and also the person you would like to work with every single day. 

Profiling your Ideal Client will ensure you always put the customer at the heart of your business and you stay focused on who you want to attract and identify: 

  • what to offer in response to the needs and wants of your Ideal Client,

  • where and when to be present to make the connection,

  • what words to use to develop messages that attract their attention,

  • what type of content to propose to gain their  interest.

During this 3-steps workshop, you will learn :

  • how to gain a deep insight into the environment, behaviour, challenges and aspirations of your Ideal Client

  • how to connect with them and catch their attention

  • how to develop a relationship with them and gain their interest

At the end of this workshop, you will have :


  • Gained clarity on your Ideal Customer

  • Created a fundamental and powerful tool for your business

  • Identified ways to meet them and get their attention

  • Developed ideas to bring them value and gain their trust

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Event details

Matrikel1 - Cafe
Gammel Strand 26
Member price
DKK50 per attendee
Non-member price
DKK300 per attendee


  • Ms Lucile Rouzioux
    Director Lucile Rouzioux Consulting

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