PWN Vienna: Career Club, be the CEO of your body

25 April 2017 18:30 - 20:30 Raum für Neues

Our answer: everything. You are your body 24/7. So how could it not be a crucial ingredient to your success? Especially if you are a freelancer or solo entrepreneur you are your business. You are, most likely, the biggest asset in your business. Not taking care of yourself and your health is a recipe for stress which could manifest in the form of not enough clients, too little money coming in, low energy, moments of doubt, helplessness or even hopelessness.

Do you want to find out about the principles of Simple Body Arithmetic and how you can achieve more health and success for yourself and your business?

Then join us for the upcoming career club workshop  with PWN Vienna.

What to expect
This workshop is designed to give you new insights and first and foremost a full-body experience of how your being is connected to your success in your professional life. You will have an opportunity to explore how mindset, actions and emotions influence your ability to go with the flow of life with ease.
We will work with everyday life situations, you will learn a couple of exercises to boost your presence and awareness and hopefully start seeing the bigger picture how you are your body and you are the magic ingredient for your own success recipe.
What it is not: a theoretical treatise or abstract system for self-development. The goal is not to think more and find even more complexities than life already contains, but to break a relevant situation down into bite-size pieces that you can work with and bring about the transformation you desire.
It’s practical, hands-on and I hope you will leave with at least one new realization and a small commitment what you will do with it in the coming days.

I’m passionate about my work and I love what I do. It has always been this way. I did, however, not always have a healthy attitude working and ended up with chronic pain and exhaustion. Discovering what I now call “Thinking with the Body”, a holistic way of approaching life that allowed me to experience daily life situations very differently, things changed dramatically for the better. Not just my health situation improved, but also my confidence, my ability to deal with doubts and conflicts has grown.
 It is my vision to share my expertise as a professional human with like-minded, powerful individuals who want to contribute their talents also in the workplace.
With a background in communication, more specifically translation studies and language and culture transfer, I am now happily communicating between body and mind, guiding my clients into a fuller experience of themselves so they can be the CEO of their bodies.
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Event details

Raum für Neues
Fuchsthallergasse 11/29
1090 Wien
Member price
€10 per attendee
Non-member price
€15 per attendee

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