PWN Bilbao: Men on Boards Manifesto

Bizkaia Talent joined the “Men on Board” initiative promoted by the PWN Bilbao, and other PWN city networks around the world. The manifesto is aimed at reducing the gender gap that currently exists in companies in terms of leadership.

Rosa Urtubi, President of PWN Bilbao joined the event at the offices of Bizkaia Talent, to witness Managing Director, Ivan Jimenez signing the manifesto.

The purpose of the manifesto is to make a public appeal for men’s support in achieving the goal of gender-balanced leadership throughout all levels of society.

Ms. Urtubi emphasized that “the leading men and women in organizations need to work in an inclusive manner in the search for the great benefits which gender-balanced leadership provides”. Mr Jimenez, for his part, claimed that “balanced leadership is of vital importance for the achievement of an egalitarian society”.

As signatory of this manifesto, Bizkaia Talent is signing up for the aims of the “Men on Board” project and makes a commitment to promote the following principles throughout its social and company networks:

  1. Promote balanced gender leadership at all levels of the organisation: We will make this one of our goals in terms of the performance of our organizations, and promote equality plans as a tool for the necessary cultural change
  2. Develop organizational strategies that favour conciliation and co-responsibility: Support equal opportunities, promoting reflection and awareness from the organization’s own values, creating specific programs for time management, work flexibility and conciliation.
  3. Share best practices: Demonstrate to other organizations the diversity programs carried out and their results helping other organizations to develop and improve their strategies
  4. Measure: Create tracking systems to measure our progress; share findings and re-think together to learn and decide next steps.
  5. Activate all leaders, both men and women: Make this an inclusive goal, encourage conversations about unconscious bias, about different perceptions, facilitate training.

*Click here to see the manifesto.

If you want to get involved with a city network in your area to support the engagement of men in your gender-balanced leadership efforts, please get in touch.  




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