Pledge for Gender Proof Growth in Europe

Earlier this month, our President of our Brussels city network, Susannah Haan, attended the launch of a pledge for gender-proof growth in Europe in advance of the EU elections in May next year. 

Sussanh Haan, President, PWi BrusselsHaving signed the pledge,  Susannah is encouraging us to also sign in an effort to raise these issues with policymakers, making them more likely to commit to a gender equal society - afterall, if their voters are interested, that's what they'll follow, right?

We believe that the impact of this pledge with be to ensure greater representation of women in the EU institutions themselves, as we open the eyes of political parties and help them understand why they need to be more representative. 

The central tennets of the pledge are: 

  • No decisions taken without women - Ensure equal leadership in decision-making
  • Enact equal economic empowerment policies
  • Promote financial inclusion and funding

And, the Pledge requests that the European Institutions and European Governments publish, track and update a detailed blue-print on how to achieve the above-mentioned priorities on an annual basis. They must cover both EU and national policy levels and set targets to be implemented by 2025. The new European Parliament, European Commission and Council President should be vetted upon their commitment to this Gender-proof Growth agenda.

Making Gender-proof Growth a political priority will deliver more inclusive and sustainable economic growth, set a positive EU agenda, and boost EU values. 


Go to to sign. 

Author: Susannah Haan, President, PWI Brussels
Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Head of MArketing and Communications, PWN Global
Date: June 2018

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