PWN Milan: Celebrating 10 Years of Mentoring in 2019

PWN Milan is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its mentoring program in 2019, with a book!

The book stems from the willingness of the association to tell the story, the evolution and the development of mentoring, which in these first 10 years has impacted more than 800 women of various nationalities and professional backgrounds.

Silvia Rigamonti, MENTORING AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT CO-DIRECTOR, PWN MILANMentoring is a professional development path in which a senior person (mentor) offers advice and guidance to a less senior person (mentee) aimed at the growth of skills and self-awareness.

PWN Milan is the first association in Italy to have created a female mentoring program: the mentor provides her own experience to support mentee in interacting with a typically masculine work world, becoming a mirror and a role model for the mentee.

The key elements of these first 10 years:

  • The many mentors and mentees who have put themselves forward, sharing their professional experience with generosity, intelligence and open mind.
  • The competence and passion of the Mentoring Team of PWN Milan, which has conceived and made the program grow in recent years, adapting it to the changing needs of the participants and to the socio-economic and technological evolutions.
  • The international network of PWN Global, the enabling platform that has made it possible to leverage the best international practices and bring our program with success even outside of Italy.

The book "Mentoring al femminile: PWN Milan 10 anni a supporto della crescita professionale delle donne” (Female Mentoring. PWN Milan: 10 years in support of the professional growth of women) tells the stories of many protagonists of these first 10 years, as well as a reflection on mentoring as a tool of professional development: what are the characteristics that in the experience of PWN Milan have worked more, mistakes to avoid and prospects for the future.

The book will be officially presented on March 6th 2019 in an event in Milan. Watch the PWN calendar for more information

Index of the book:

  1. The pioneer: How did we come up with the idea of female mentoring. The history of the first participants.
  2. Think Big: The program attracts a growing interest, managing large numbers becomes a challenge. The history of mentoring relationships between women of different companies and sectors.
  3. Beyond Italy: We win a grant from the European Commission and the program becomes cross-national. The mentoring relationship is among women from different geographic cultures.
  4. The Mentoring millennial: The relationship flips - even young people can be mentor and give their contribution to seniors.
  5. A glimpse into the future: We don't stop, we're more and more. How to bring more men aboard?


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Date: January 2019

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