PWN Zagreb: Recognised for its CSR Efforts in Croatia

PWN Zagreb is the first nonprofit organisation promoting gender equality included among 65 other organisations that represent best Croatian contributions to UN Global Goals of Sustainable Development, 2030. 


PWN Zagreb is included in the book "Dobra Hrvatska", which is the first book in Croatia that shows results of corporate social responsibility in the last five years. In 352 pages, the book captures the stories of a different Croatia that is sustainable, responsible and inclusive.

The book was written by 83 authors and includes stories of 48 companies working in the Croatian market. Its goal is to promote good organizations, affirm social responsibility, and network good ideas - people - projects and businesses into new public action.

“We are very proud to have accomplished this and are honored to be in the company of other organisations, such as dm-drogerie markt, A1, Croatia Airlines, Heineken and many others which are also included in the book Dobra Hrvatska.

In two years of our work we organized 28 events for our members and interested parties and have addressed important questions related to gender inequality with focus on professional development. Our motto is "Advancing the way we work. Together." and it is visible in all our activities.

Men make 27% of our members and participate equally in our events. We believe that for significant steps to be made when we speak about gender equality it is crucial that men and women take joint efforts. We aim at becoming a true gender balanced organisation." said one of the co-founders of PWN Zagreb, Nadja Schaps Horvat

PWN Zagreb today  gathers over 50 members among which are Australian ambassador Elizabeth Marianne Petrovic, Irish ambassador Olive Hempenstall, Swedish ambassador Diana Madunic and Andrew Dagleish ambassador of Great Britainin Croatia, Tamara Maćašović, partner in PWC Croatia, entrepreneur and founder of STEM revolution in Croatia, Nenad Bakić and many others. 

Author: Nada Kaurin Knežević, director of communications in PWN Zagreb
Date: January 2019

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