PWN Madrid's Mission in Action: Mentoring to Grow

Since its foundation, PWN Madrid has continuously developed its Group Mentoring Program, which, in each edition, consolidates its success by achieving the adhesion of a growing number of participants. After 12 editions, this program is recognized for the collective knowledge generated in an environment of shared reflection, confidentiality and enthusiasm and for its effectiveness in the creation of an active network of mentees and mentors. 

PWN MAdrid Mentoring GroupAll this provides a high level of satisfaction for the PWN Madrid team because we know that with this initiative we can contribute to the professional development and advance the careers of women, and boost inclusive promotion and leadership within corporates. In short – this really makes an impact. 

In the 2018 edition, we ran 20 programs, with 189 mentees and 22 mentors who shared their expertise in areas, such as: leadership, communication skills, career development, digital transformation and entrepreneurship. The overall satisfaction of the participants is high and this is the best credential we can have.

In December 2018 we launched the XIII edition of the new Mentoring Programs with 28 mentors, including for the first time, innovation as a topic. Mentees will have the opportunity to attend one of the 26 programs offered in the first half of 2019 and also one in the second half.  This more flexible approach will help us to incorporate new programs during the year, that respond to the changing needs of our partners, members and community at large – making sure we remain agile in the digital era. 

The sessions of the programs ran during the first half of the year will take place between February and June 2019. The second term will be launched in May and its programs will be held from September to December 2019.  

We are grateful to all our mentors that devote their time and experience to help women grow and contribute to our mission within PWN. We encourage members and people willing to support our cause to give a step forward and to join our network on an active way.

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Author: Lourdes Iñigo Pérez-Serrabona, PWN Madrid
Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Head of MArketing and Communications, PWN Global
Date: January 2019

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