Why Winning Awards is Good for Business - Get Nominating

Winning an award is a cost-effective and rewarding marketing tool for any business.

Awards, such as PWN Global's Gender Balanced Leadership Awards, enable you to come together with other thought leaders, managers, teams and employees from different industries, who are working at the gender balanced leadership 'coalface'. At these events, you can share your own journey with others as well as find or be an important role model for the many aspiring companies present.  

PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership AwardsLeadership awards aren't just about a pat on the back - they can really enhance a company's reputation; help employees take pride in their work; build employee engagement and satisfaction rates. There’s no better way to boost staff morale and pride by helping them to feel part of something that goes beyond their company - that makes a real difference in the world. 

We are sure that you will want to get on board with our Awards in October, and encourage you to submit your award nominations for any of our categories. Some of you may not recognise the term 'gender balanced leadership' - but we can assure you that these awards will be celebrating everything around driving basic values of integrity, diversity, teamwork and customer-centricity, building trust between all the stakeholders in an organisation.

SUMBIT YOUR APPLICATION TODAY VIA OUR AWARDS MICROSITE. You have until 12th August 2019, when award submissions will close. 

Our top three reasons to ensure you enter our Awards are: 

  1. Recognition 
    Winning an award is an endorsement that you are delivering amazing, impactful work. Use this to build on and promote your competitive advantage, letting your business community see you are an Awards winner and trailblazer in gender balanced leadership.

  2. Motivating Employees
    There’s nothing that motivates a team more than recognising the incredible work they do. Use this great opportunity to celebrate your team and create a fantastic team-bonding opportunity  by treating them to an Award nominee table at this luxury event in the 5* Intercontinental Hotel in Dublin.

  3. Building Reputational Credibility
    Demonstrating success can give you some useful marketing materials and lets everyone know you are a leader of best practice. Today's business world is fast paced and clients and staff are becoming more demanding of the the companies they choose to do business with. Awards are a great way to ensure that your organisation, or your teams get to stand out as more credible vis à vis your competitors. Reputational credibility will lead to more business.  

One more time: 

SUMBIT YOUR APPLICATION TODAY VIA OUR AWARDS MICROSITE. You have until 12th August 2019, when award submissions will close.


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