Kilinç Law & Consulting: First Company to Sponsor 2020 Awards

Kilinç Law & Consulting was extremely interested to hear about the success of the inaugural PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards in 2019. As a five-year-old firm with our young and dynamic team, it makes great strategic sense for our business to sponsor the category of Excellence in Women’s Empowerment. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain to the PWN community why these awards matter to us.

Gender Balanced from the Outset

Kilinc LogoFrom day one, we have always attached great importance to having a balanced workforce. The Kilinç Law family is proud to state that unlike many other firms operating in our industry, since 2016 we have had more women employees than men and at every level of the business women are well represented – with half our partners and almost 90% of our lawyers being women.

Although the law sector is still a male-dominated sector in Turkey, the fact that the majority of lawyers and co-workers in our office are women, reveals the importance and value that our Firm attaches to gender equality. Numbers alone cannot tell the full story, but they can give an idea: the actual story is our success, growth and reputation. We hire people on merit, and not because of their gender.

Embrace Gender Differences

Kilinc Law and Consulting BallWe believe that the equal distribution of women and men in the work environment is a balance that can take a society further - and, it’s also very important for the office environment for many reasons. Several studies on this issue show that the equal distribution of the number of female and male employees in the workplace provides many benefits both in a business and in a social capacity. Why? Because the two genders, are biologically, physiologically and psychologically different from one other – meaning that men and women approach things differently and, more often than not, with a different perspective – this yin and yang means that both genders complement one another perfectly in the right proportions. This is why we care about gender balance and also giving employees the opportunity to work primarily in the fields that they prefer, and not as stereotypes gender norms dictate.

Break Down Gender Stereotypes

Regrettably, our recent social history does not promote women to be powerful and independent leaders and this is a stereotype that we are working to break down. First of all, it is the morally right thing to do, and secondly, there is a strong business case for gender balance.

Actively promoting gender balance in business life causes many positive indicators to be reflected in a company’s bottom line. Kılınç is working actively to increase the volume of women in business in Turkey, and we are also a member of the organization to increase gender balance in entrepreneurship in Turkey, where women are still sadly under-represented.  We participate in this work as we believe it is the best way to create sustainability and a prosperous Turkish economy. The fact that we actively promote and reflect gender balance in business life is also appreciated by our clients, especially those with a large business volume and employment capacity.

Join Us in Sponsoring a Category at the PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards

In conclusion, we have chosen to sponsor the Excellence in Women’s Empowerment category as it is something that is fundamental to our business – we deeply care about women’s empowerment, employment and we care about women. 

We care about it in our office, in our country and also in the whole world. Many thanks to PWN Global for offering the opportunity to draw attention to this subject.


About Kilinç Law and Consultancy:

Kilinç Law & Consulting is a law firm based in Turkey, London and Qatar, providing legal services in domestic and international areas. The Firm’s leading services include energy and commercial law, particularly providing services for corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and securities law. The practice also specialises in labour law, maritime law, bankruptcy and execution law as well as providing consulting services to both domestic and international companies. Our office has proven deep experience in the field of Project & Finance practice area. Furthermore, in recent years the Firm has experience in assisting foreign companies with obtaining work permits, residence permits and the acquisition of Turkish citizenship for their employees.

In addition to providing consultancy services in government relations in the energy sector, the Firm offers foreign companies consultation on their investments in Turkey, contract negotiations, completing agreements and taking necessary legal actions regarding conflicts that may arise.

Our goal is to offer preventive precautions and to generate solutions to the legal issues our clients face. Our team comprises of experienced fee earners who are fluent in English, German, Russian, and Azeri.



Date: January 2020
Author: Kilinç Law & Consulting
Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global



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