Hack Your Sisterhood

Whether we speak about family or business dynamics, success often happens at the magical interface of the feminine and masculine. My career started in the uber-masculine industry of technological hacking. After more than a decade in the industry, I rekindled my passion to become an evangelist of a more feminine-oriented technology of transformation. My passion is built around personal development, empowering women to recognise and unleash their most authentic talent,and building support structures that are key to success at any level of our path. 

We were raised to believe that success comes from playing the game according to the rules designed by men, for men. Luckily, most of us have also experienced how courage and creativity, in bringing more feminine principles to the game, can hack its dynamics. And so it takes a lot of inner work to liberate ourselves from viewing the world through the lens of competition based on a zero-sum game. It takes time to learn how to truly walk the talk of collaboration. That’s where the sisterhood comes into play.

Here’s an opportunity to appreciate, or challenge, its importance. My personal journey is far from linear. Yours too, probably? It’s marked by diversions, spotlight moments followed by dark holes, expansion followed by recovery. It’s the sisterhood (or whatever you may wish to call it) that makes a difference in floating through and upwards. A network of women who are always there to support me when feeling weak, challenge me when too comfortable, reflect with me when stuck. It’s not a finite secret group, it's a field of friends, mentors, coaches and supporters. Get in touch and let me know which are the vitamins that recharge you along your way. In short, ‘who’ are your vitamins? 

Needless to say at this point, these are also professional networks, like PWN Global. Some of my networks I was called to collaborate with, and some of them I founded. A special tribute goes to Gentlewomen’s Club for being my sisterhood in Brussels, LEAD@COM for the contribution we’re creating inside of the European Commission and last but not least to GIFEW for being the foundation of my personal transformation. You have been my social powerhouses at important career junctions, during my campaign in 2019 European Parliament elections or amplifying the impact of my Lights on Europe podcast (available on your podcast apps or YouTube). 

Which ones are yours? Is it PWN Global? Who else? How much have your networks supported you during COVID lockdown? And how much have you supported them?

Probably too many questions, but in my view essential ones to ask and answer. Be sure to stop and reflect, and most importantly, remember that it’s a give-and-take dynamic. Communities like these can only survive (and thrive), when there is a win-win co-creation among all of their members. None of us are going to succeed in our mission to bring feminine leadership to our business and communities unless there’s a like-minded sisterhood at our back. Call it a tribe, call it a professional network. The point is that every superwoman needs one as we’re transitioning so powerfully into the era of feminine. 

Do you agree? I’m looking forward to hearing back from you on:

  1. the biggest value you get from your tribe;
  2. your wish for the design of the ‘next generation’ networks; and
  3. the contribution you’re about to make for making them impactful and vibrant communities. Talk soon!


The views expressed in this article are personal and can not be attributed to the European Commission as an official position. 


About Lucia:

Lucia is known as the voice of transformation of the EU via “new culture” leadership and women empowerment. She is a policy-maker, podcast host, founder of several women networks, and a career coach of young leaders aiming to get inwards and upwards on the European leadership ladder. During seven years of her career at the European Commission, her responsibilities ranged from Brexit coordination, through digital government procurement, to rolling out gender equality in the EU policies. Follow her on social media to exchange and collaborate on purpose-driven leadership, EU careers mentoring or growing the podcast Lights on Europe.



Author: Lucia Klestincova
Date: July 2020

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