Post COVID-19 - We Need You More Than Ever

Definition of Confinement: The state of being limited to a particular location  - or being held captive. Which one has it been for you? During this period of confinement, I know that many of us have taken time to slow down, reflect, consider things that, perhaps, just perhaps, we may have taken for granted in the past?

That walk in the park, swim in the river, attendance at an interesting networking event.....all things that we never got around to, because we were too busy 'doing' life. And then, as we sit and reflect, we suddenly get a yearning to do those things that we never before thought were important enough to make time for. Ironic, no? 

My day job is a virtual one, so nothing really changed on that score - but I really missed social contact. That freedom of popping out for a coffee and a face to face chat with friends - and that physical presence of other people that creates an ambiance in a restaurant or you gym. 

And at some point, I realised that physical human connection is vital for my own well being and personal growth. What's more, when people come together with a shared goal, or mission to create and achieve something, it engenders a much deeper connection. 

As has been reported in our Press Release regarding our Gender Balanced Leadership Awards event, and our President's Blog for this week, women are going to experience te brunt of the negative impact on their careers than men, as a direct result of the pandemic. 

For that reason, we need more volunteers than ever to help us in our mission. 

Volunteering is a brilliant way to connect on a whole new level; work for a cause that you are passionate about and that impacts future generations; and, build and refine your professional skills in a safe environment. The more volunteers we have, the more work we can get done and the quicker we can advance gender balanced leadership. 

We are currently seeking volunteers to fulfill a plethora of exciting positions - from global strategy, to programme creation, right through helping run local online and (at some point in the future) physical events. Check out the opportunities that are available to all PWN members around the world

You may have skills that you want to offer that aren't listed in the roles you see advertised? Get in touch anyway....we can always find a use for an extra brain. 

Author: Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global
Date: July 2020

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