The Future is Female

It is a famous saying that a "HERO is nothing without HER."  PWN Global community proudly celebrate womanhood by providing equal and sustainable opportunities for women to excel in their professional and personal lives.

As a community, we empower women to succeed in social, economical, political, and cultural environments as well as we looking for ways to challenge the conscious and unconscious gender biases.

Following are the list of 5 most inspiring books written by aspirational women that are must-reads for having the extra dose of female empowerment.

What Will It Take To Make A Woman President?


Author | Marianne Schnall

This masterpiece of work features the interviews with female politicians, public officials, thought leaders, writers, artists, and activists who stepped out with the courage to be the leader in their lives, communities, and in this large world.

It inspires young women and girls of 21st centuries that women can be the leading ladies if they have zeal and potential to achieve something in their lives.


 Letter To My Daughter


Author | Maya Angelou

This book is the beautiful compilation of the essays written from the personalized notes of the author to her friends and family.

Maya dedicates this book to her daughter that she never had, to revive and relive her memories of life. She wrote this book from the bottom of her heart while raising her beloved son and emphasized on the power and importance of compassion, courage, and meaningful living.


 In The Company Of Women


Author | Grace Bonney

This amazing piece of work spotlights the key mantras of success in this fast-moving world.

This book celebrates the women's power and their courage to be entrepreneurs and their creativity within their professional lives.

In this book, the diverse group of women is featured through their visions and thoughts. On top of that, this book will fortify the spark deep within us to awake the courage to dream and the fortitude to fulfill them. 


Big Magic

Author | Elizabeth Gilbert

This book written by well loved author packed with the pearls of wisdom. It talks about the power of creativity,empathy,generosity, inspiration and wisdom.

This book inspires the reader about how to face the scariest fears in life and how to balance the most loved things and moments in life.

Through her extraordinary personal experiences she always attach the reader towards its work and assists to eliminate the unnecessary struggle we face in our life through overthinking.

After reading this book,the reader would be filled with new attitude towards life to live life more soulfully and open minded.


Knowing Your Value


Author | Mika Brzezinski

Extraordinary motivation and aspirational thoughts of this book motivates the women that if you want to achieve your goals you always have to be ready for each and every opportunity.

The ability of being ready always will makes you different from men. Because men always have their hands raised.

This book illustrates the author’s personal experiences that how nothing is served on the silver platter in life ,we have to create our own place with hard work,determination ,by recognizing our own value and courage.

This will definitely assists us to stand out of the box.


The Next Generation Of Women Leaders

Author | Selena Rezvani

While the leadership landscape may be shifting in women's favor, women are nowhere near an equal presence in leadership roles when compared to men.

Rezvani's achievement was to engage some extraordinarily accomplished women as mentors, each of whom provided tools and information that young women can use to shape their own careers.

The Next Generation of Women Leaders encourages younger women to be their own advocates when it comes to professional growth and advancement, and it provides tangible how-tos on negotiating the workplace as a woman.



Author: Harseerat Kaur, MBA International Business and Team Manager of NGO Aapke Saath -The Helping Hands(India)

Harseerat Kaur,motivated and passionate believer of Leadership and women empowerment who achieved exceptional skills of Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics and MBA in International Business.

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On her own words: I have written this piece of work through my own vision and understanding and hand on experience in social welfare like child education and empowering women.

I strongly believe that after reading these masterpieces your soul would be rejuvenated and full of confidence.Through my personal experience,I believe that Being a woman is the utmost blessing of God and a woman is no less than a super power because a woman can give birth to baby,can be a wife,daughter,mother,friend, and can achieve every milestone from take off planes to land rocket on moon.

So we should recognize our super power and should put our maximum efforts to achieve our dreams because no dream is small or big,a dream is a dream which becomes reality with our passion!!



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