Intra-EU Mobility of Professional Women

Major European capitals continue to attract a growing number of highly skilled professionals, considered by major stakeholders as a critical element in the success of the EU economy - particularly in an increasingly competitive global market for talent, innovation and economic growth in the European Union.

However, despite long standing academic credentials and work experience, professional women on the move may face many difficulties in re-entering the labour market, including periods of unemployment and deskilling in the host country. Moreover, despite valuable and extensive literature on intra-EU mobility and international migration, little attention has been paid to the particular challenges of integration of professional women in the EU labour market. There is, therefore, a knowledge gap which may contribute towards unfair ideas and stereotypes about a perceived life of privilege associated with the experiences of professional women on the move while rendering their pleas invisible to policymakers, potential employers and other social actors.

Results from the “Survey on Mobility of Highly Skilled Female EU Citizens in the European Union” identified that the use of social networks is an essential strategy on job search and entry by the majority of respondents, hence professional network is crucial element in the path to labour market integration.

Zoom to 2020, the impact of COVID-19 on the labour market is unprecedented, with the OECD stating that “unlike most previous economic crises, this crisis has the potential to do disproportionate damage to women’s jobs and incomes… put[ting] many women’s jobs at risk; [hence] when formulating policy responses to the crisis, it is crucial that governments do not ignore the impact the crisis can, is, and will have on women’s lives.”  To unpack some of these issues, for our Q1 2021 newsletter, we will be interviewing Anelise G. de Araujo, Migration Specialist, and she will be highlighting some of the findings from the survey, alongside answering your questions.

Our interview with Anelise will focus on the experience of professional women on the move, many of them members of PWN, particularly in the context of intra-EU mobility, gender equality, and labour market integration based on empirical evidence.

If you wish to contribute to the conversation please send us your questions to ask Anelise, by 31st October 2020. 


Date: Oct 2020
Author: Anelise G. de Araujo, Migration Specialist



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