PWN Global Webinar Series 2021: Learn, Thrive and Innovate

Planning for the PWN Global Webinar Series 2021 - Learn, Thrive, Innovate - is almost complete. Thank you for all your ideas and submissions. We believe that we have selected the best sessions for you to see you through whatever 2021 brings our way. 

We we a still finalising some of the specific session details, we have a confirmed list of impressive expert speakers that will be coming your way in 2021. Just take a look at the talent and topics we have lined up for you!

Dieter Langenecker
You are More Than You Think You Are

Jan 2021

Susan Ritchie
Learning to Leading - Emerging Leadership

Feb 2021

Dr Lynn Schmidt
Antisexist? Managing Limiting Beliefs Around Women

IWD 2021

Paulina Rasi
Building Your Brand In A Digital World

Mar 2021

Siets Bakker
Moving Questions

Apr 2021

Maryann Voli
Self Compassion for Regenerative Success

May 2021

Rita Oliveira Pelica
Design Thinking

Jun 2021

Barbara De Carli
Staying Centered

Jul 2021

Liesl Bebb-McKay
A Framework for Sustainable Innovation

Sept 2021

Ibolya Daroczi
How to Design and Enabling Organisation

Oct 2021

During 2020, I know that many of us have become overwhelmed by the volume of online content that is at our fingertips! That's why our webinar series is all scheduled to take part in the middle of your working day - this was you can incorporate it into your continuing professional development without it encroaching on your evenings and family downtime. 

Also, please remember that having run these great learning and development sessions, we have now built a library of over 70 hours of extremely high-quality content that PWN Global members can dip in and out of whenever they want - have a browse of what's on offer, here!

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Date: Oct 2020
Author: Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global.

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