PWN Global Peer Consulting Circles: Registration Open

Never waste a good crisis: boost your career!

Careers of great professional women are suffering as a result of Covid19. This is not the time to sit back and be selfless in helping your organization survive and your household and family stay on track. This is the time to act strategically and help your career thrive. Never waste a good crisis.

PWN Global, in collaboration with consulting firm Spark for Growth has a special offer to make sure that your commitment, loyalty and ambition not only supports business recovery, but also boosts your career. Sign up for our new Peer Consulting Circles now - Innovative Leadership and/or Career Accelerators.

Our recent survey showed that the themes “Innovative Leadership” and “Career Accelerators” are top of mind with many ambitious, loyal and committed women as we navigate through the pandemic. We are putting our minds, hearts and souls into helping our organizations survive and thrive. At the same time, we are also managing an increased workload at home. Covid19 is presenting us many new challenges and women are bearing the brunt. Careers of women are suffering most. Make sure yours doesn’t.

Peer Consulting Circles are your career growth accelerator.

In these small group sessions you will discuss your professional challenges and through a facilitated process of unbiased clarifying questions, you will leverage the collective wisdom to uncover your path forward. More importantly, your small network of supporters will fuel your confidence to act and be focused. The perspective of peers with similar issues and experiences – “what would I do if I was in your shoes” – could be the multiplier that helps you boost your career. 

PWN Global is excited to launch this new offering, which will allow you to be part of your small network group of choice within the larger PWN community. We will be offering Peer Consulting Circles with a market value of €450 for just €199. However, PWN Global is excited to support this launch by offering you each session for an early bird price of only €149, (book For all bookings made by 21st October 2020).  

Action-based peer consulting is a proven method to become better equipped and stay ahead of the curve. So, make your choice for one of 2 Peer Consulting Circles: “Innovative Leadership” or “Career Accelerators”. 

1. Peer Consulting Circle on Innovative Leadership
Session 1: Monday 9th November 2020, 19.00 -21.30 (CET)
Session 2: Monday 14th December 2020, 19.00 -21.30 (CET).

2. Peer Consulting Circle on Career Accelerators
Session 1: Tuesday 10th November 2020, 19.00 -21.30 (CET)
Session 2: Tuesday 14th December 2020, 19.00 -21.30 (CET).

The PWN Global Peer Consulting Circles will be professionally facilitated by Spark for Growth consultants (Sonya Richardson and Yvonne Schers). If you have never taken part in peer-based action learning formats, then here’s a brief description about how they work:

  • The group is limited to 4-6 people at similar levels of seniority to provide sufficiently insightful solutions.   
  • The set-up, planning and preparation is quite simple: you need to have a 2½ hour slot available for a virtual session. There is no preparation upfront except for having a challenge or question that you would value peer-based advice on.
  • The process is structured in a way whereby everyone’s personal challenge is addressed in a safe and confidential environment. You will gain insights on your own issue, whilst also getting insights from potential solutions for other people’s challenges.
  • The outcome is a clear list of follow up actions that allow you to excel in your success, helping you move through issues that you previously experienced as obstacles.

Note from Carina Furlong, Co-President, PWN Global 

Sonya Richardson, Spark for GrowthSonya Richardson is partner with Spark for Growth, but most will remember her as a former President of PWN Global. She spent nearly 10 years as a PWN volunteer supporting the mission to accelerate gender balanced leadership in business and society. As an alum and senior executive she is committed to giving back and staying connected with the network, supporting and empowering PWN’s member community, whilst also actively engaging male senior leaders in her consulting work on the relevance of gender balanced leadership. We are thrilled that Sonya and her colleague Yvonne Schers are supporting our PWN members with this proven concept.


Date: October 2020
Author: Sonya Richardson, Founder and Partner, Spark for Growth and PWN Global Alumni

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