PWN Zagreb: Fika Talks

The Covid-19 global pandemic has shifted the way we work and live, and expelled us from our comfort zones. As a result, and as with all of our PWN sister networks, we had to reconsider the event delivery model for PWN Zagreb. The ones remaining were limited due to epidemiological measures so we have been forced to think outside the box and provide value to our PWN Zagreb members and community despite these changed circumstances.

We all needed each other more than ever. We were therefore delighted when we received a phone call from our partners in the Swedish Embassy in Zagreb, suggesting a collaboration to create a series of “FIKA TALKS”.

FIKA  (Coffee) in Swedish culture is important as channel for socializing, enjoying life and sharing experiences.

With our Swedish friends (who provided excellent Swedish experts to host our sessions) and with our partner Algebra, a private university who provided support and technical know-how, we launched FIKA TALKS. We meet every first Friday of the month at 10 am via ZOOM. The goal of the sessions is to promote and advance the way we work and live together by sharing the know-how, stories and experience of reputable Swedish experts with PWN Zagreb members and our broader community.

Whenever possible we have our members, who are experts in certain industries, act as session moderators and hosts in FIKA TALKS series. So far Hajdi Ćenan, our founder member and co-founder and CEO AIRT moderated a session with Danica Kragić Jensfelt.  Davor Runje, PWN Zagreb member and president of CISEX, a Croatian IT exports association, hosted our session with Helena Samsioe.

We worked hard with our partners to create a series of topics that are both attractive and have global impact on the way we work and live, bringing value to all stakeholders taking part in the series. We tried to walk the talk and have monitored that gender equality is represented across our pool of participants - lecturers, hosts and audience - so that we really advance the way we work together.

In June, we had privilege to host Mr Mattias Frumerie, Swedish Chief Negotiator for Climate at the UN, presenting on global climate action during Covid-19. In July, Mrs Danica, Kragić Jensfelt Professor of Computer Science at KTH Stockholm talked about Robotics and AI: current developments and future challenges.

After the Summer break, in September, we hosted Mr Jens Lundstrom, CEO of Artic Business Incubator, who shared the success story on a business incubator he is leading.

The response to these events has been extremely positive, and as we carefully move out of confinement measures, we decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to create a hybrid event for October, with an integrated online and offline session.

At our October FIKA, we hosted Mrs Helena Samsioe, founder of GLOBHE and listed as one of Forbes World' Top 50 Women in Tech 2018. She shared her story with us on how she became a global AI “drone queen”.


Our intention is to continue FIKA TALKS series and multiply the effects they produce within PWN Zagreb, the Croatian public space, and the PWN Global community, by promoting inclusiveness, relevance and expertise in every aspect of the story.

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Date: October 2020
Author: Marijana Sarolic Robic, President, PWN Zagreb
Copy Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global

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