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The Mentoring Pillar of PWN Romania focuses on strengthening the community and launches the 7th edition of the Mentoring Program in October. PWN Romania feels truly privileged to contribute to the community in these troubled times, to offer guidance when guidance is most needed.

For us, the lockdown brought forward a dire need to meet, to talk to each other, to continue growing together. It was a struggle at first, but we eventually embraced the situation as an opportunity and started meeting online.

PWN Romania Mentoring ProgramThe Mentoring Pillar team had a wonderful idea and launched a series of webinars that kept the community’s good spirits up and taught us to reconnect in new and innovative ways.

The “PWN Mentoring stands by you” webinars were hosted pro bono by members of our association, who shared their knowledge and experience with the community. Since the end of March, we have had 12 webinars on various topics, from remote sales, negotiations, to personal branding, personal development or how to “be the queen in your life”.

Aside from the learning process, the online meetings kept us in tight connection and gave us the much-needed sense of belonging and support. These webinars will continue after the launching of the program, thus on 30th October, 2020, we will have the second part of “Negotiations in crisis”, with a special chapter, namely “Negotiation for women in business and how to avoid the trap of avoiding negotiation”.

Inspired by the success of the webinars, the Mentoring Pillar team is embarking to launch this October a new edition of our Mentoring Program. To satisfy the safety requirements, the 7th edition of our program will have a hybrid format – this translates into nine months of both face-to-face or online meetings, practical workshops, and networking events. Moreover, by overcoming our “fears” of online meetings, we could pitch the program now to a larger audience, not just the one in Bucharest.

If last year was the first edition opened for men enlisting, this year, was the first time we could accommodate mentors and mentees from outside the capital city as well as from European countries, such as the Netherlands and Austria.

We have decided that the current socio-economic turmoil generated by the COVID19 pandemic will leave a heavy imprint on the Romanian business environment, particularly affecting the young professionals who are currently drafting their career paths. As things are becoming more and more uncertain in all areas of our lives, we thought it paramount that we offer support and guidance for those who seek it.

Our Mentoring Program has had amazing results in the previous editions, gathering a community of over 250 mentors and over 350 mentees, 75% of which offered exceptional ratings for the program. The most remarkable result of the program were the unbreakable bonds of friendship and support between mentors and mentees. In this context, our call for mentors was answered diligently by the remarkable women in our community, who are ready to rise to the challenge of smoothing out the path of a new generation of leaders.

The greatest benefits of PWN Bucharest’s Mentoring Program are the opportunity to access inter-company mentoring, broadening the horizon of young professionals, the possibility to choose mentors with great leadership experience, some of which are recognized as opinion leaders in their fields, and, not in the least, to receive guidance in finding the right career path especially in times like these, when we find ourselves at a crossroad. Moreover, the six mentoring angels from the Pillar’s team, will offer support for the pairs throughout the entire program, ensuring that the mentors themselves have a proper backup.

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