PWN Amsterdam: Corinne Vigreux Inspires Women During International Women’s Day

Corinne Vigreux knows quite well what it takes to get people moving. Fifteen years ago she helped launch the world’s first personal navigation device from what was then a small tech start-up. 

Corinne VigreuxHowever, her expertise in mobility is hardly limited to technology. Since co-founding TomTom, Corinne has worked to move the business from being one of the few European consumer electronic companies to a global brand and household name. And, while TomTom continues to guide people into the future of mobility, Corinne has jumped into the driver’s seat when it comes to professional advancement for women. By mentoring female entrepreneurs and in her work with the Women Corporate Directors Foundation (WCD), she advocates for the promotion of women to senior (corporate) positions. She also champions education as a means for social mobility with her Sofronie Fondation.

For three consecutive years now, Corinne Vigreux has been voted one of the top fifty most inspirational women in European tech. Prior to the March 7, 2017 International Women’s Day Executive Dinner, Corinne said she hoped to impart attendees with not just inspiration, but also motivation. “When there is a will there is a way, and conventional wisdom is your worst enemy,” said Corinne. Her discussion centred on the 2017 theme for Professional Women’s Network Amsterdam, which is ‘Women on the Move.’  According to Corinne, this is more than just an interesting topic for professional women - it is a necessity. “The world is moving at an increasing pace and we have to adapt. We have to deal with constant change in the workplace, with information overload, whilst still assuming our duties as wives and mothers. This can sometimes be overbearing and we need to consciously and carefully manage our time.” She emphasises that these added pressures don’t have to hold women back. “Our ability to juggle under time pressure however has made us very flexible and adaptable, and as such, well equipped to deal with new situations. As a result, women are an invaluable asset to any organisation,” said Corinne. “Our time is now.”

Corinne answered questions from attendees of the PWN Amsterdam Executive Women’s Dinner about her very personal experiences. She talked about how she finds balance in her work and personal life. Corinne opened up about her feelings after experiencing some business failures and why she will always continue to adapt and give new things a try. She explained how she maintains a positive mind-set, even when the ever changing world of tech takes her on a bumpy ride. She described herself as a ‘glass half full’ person who makes the best of things and celebrates her success. Corinne said tech is her passion and she encouraged women in the audience to pursue what they love in life. “Know about yourself, what makes you happy. We get energy from our passion,” she said. 

There were several men in attendance for the International Women’s Day Executive Dinner. The next executive event in October will centre on the theme “Men as Allies”. Women are encouraged to bring a man to the event. Details about this next Executive Dinner will be published on the website soon



Author: Megan Janicke


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