PWN Istanbul: Sibel Yücesan

Sibel Yücesan joined PWN İstanbul in 2013 as a founding board member, VP of Events and Corporate Partners. In 2016, she was elected as the President of PWN Istanbul in 2016. Her emphasis on sisterhood continues to inspire all of the PWN Istanbul members in helping and developing each other, and the growing PWN Istanbul network.

 Sibel YücesanSibel's main focus is to attract corporate members in a structured way and create win-win projects for sustainable relationships. As an inspirational leader, she supports her teams with her presence in committee activities and enables them to grow and take initiative. 

To achieve mutual support between members, she is always at the forefront in supporting the introduction of various new working groups, such as the Individual Membership Experience Committee, in which members exchange their knowledge and help each other for their business needs, and new members are welcomed with a structured orientation program. 

Sibel emphasises the importance of having a balanced work and social life by empowering women as well as co-growth and development of women and men together in line with PWN Istanbul's mission. She gives her full support to the committees, enabling them to achieve many great activities. Most noteworthy was Sibel's support of her VP of Engaging Men, Funda Sezgin, who came up with the great idea of researching the names of all senior male leaders in Istanbul who have daughters. Armed with this list, Funda was encouraged by Sibel to  send personal invites to these men explaining that their involvement in the gender balanced leadership topic was imperative if they wanted their daughters to grow up in a world that affords them real equal opportunities.  The event was a complete success.

Under Sibel's watch, PWN Istanbul continues to grow both its corporate and individual members.

Sibel continues her mission of developing and supporting people in her day job, as the founding partner of "Size Butunsel Yaklasim". Her company delivers corporate wellness and employee well being projects and programs that help people to redesign the lives that they want to experience. Amongst these programs: Mindfulness; Be Well Lead Well; Team Coaching by Innovative Tools; Wellness Coaching and Mentoring.

Thank you for everything you do for the network Sibel. PWN Global salutes you!


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