PWN Global Partner, Edge Certification, Gets A Mention From Hilary Clinton

Last month, we were delighted to announce that PWN Global has established a partnership with EDGE Certification - EDGE is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality.

We would like to congratulate the team at EDGE for their commitment and engagement to closing the gender gap. And we’re not the only ones. During the recent Professional Business Women Conference in San Francisco, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commended EDGE for their action driven approach in closing the gender gap: 

“And we’re seeing exciting initiatives across industries like the EDGE Certification program, which was designed to help companies measure and hold themselves accountable for creating a more equal workplace. Google it, EDGE, and see what you can do to advocate for it within your own company.”

EDGE Certification has gained significant momentum since its launch in 2011. EDGE is currently working with more than 150 organizations, in over 40 countries and 22 industries. The EDGE Certified Foundation has accomplished many symbolic milestones in recent months; having been invited as a knowledge contributor to the White House Council on Women and Girls for The Equal Pay Pledge in June 2016 and next week their co-founder, Ms Aniela Unguresan, will be discussing ‘Women in Leadership’ at the upcoming Top CEO Conference in Saudi Arabia. 

Change is hard, nevertheless, EDGE Certification is committed to ensure that gender equality remains a desirable, measurable strategic objective. EDGE provides an impactful and robust workforce analytics approach to inform organizations’ gender diversity strategy and priorities – What gets measured gets done! 




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