PWN Global Welcomes Bente Fjeldberg

Meet Bente Fjeldberg. Some of you may recognise her name as the former President of PWN Norway, in Oslo. Since stepping down from her role as President, she had not taken her foot off the pedal and has recently taken an interim role with the PWN Federation Board as VP New Networks. 

Since joining the team, we seem to have been innundated with requests from people who are interested in starting new PWN city networks - from four different continents no less!

It's always interesting to watch a potential new network evolve. As is the case with many of the people who have made an approach, they are individuals who have been members of a city network elsewhere, but they have moved somewhere without PWN presence and would like to organize something themselves.

Others have no prior knowledge of PWN, but during their Internet research for a professional women’s network, they find us and see that there is a possibility to start a local city network.

The final type of approach comes from people who are already with an  existing, organized group that would like to join PWN and become a PWN city network.

Each type of enquiry requires a slghtly different approach and so this Federation Board role is one that is certainly set to become key to our growth and sustainability. As we progress our strategy is becoming less opportunistic and more planful. Where does it make sense for us to be? Where do our coorporate partners want us to be? 

To give you an idea of the approaches we've had - here's a list of the potential new city networks that want to join us! We don't expect all of them to come to fruition, and certaily as a volunteer led network, we do not have the resource to onboard them all in 2017!!


  • Berlin 
  • Budapest 
  • Chisinau/Moldova
  • Eindhoven 
  • Moscow 


  • Johannesburg/South Africa
  • Lagos/Nigeria
  • Nairobi/Kenya


  • Singapore 


  • Washington DC

"It is very inspiring to me to see such an interest in PWN from around the world!" says Bente,  "This shows me that we have truly become a global network. There is still much work to be done, but we are doing our part in supporting women’s professional development and promoting gender balanced leadership."


Remember, if you live in an area that is not served by a PWN city network, there are opportnities to grow your own. Contact us to find out more

If you are an individual seeking to join PWN in an area with no PWN presence, don't forget that we now have a great Online member package that will support you in networking with all of the other PWN members around the world. 


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