PWN Global: A transformational volunteering experience

True transformations come from people. At the same time, people’s lives are transformed by the roles they take and experiences they have.

Finding the synergy between person and role is the key to a transformational volunteer program. Volunteering works best when meeting the organisation’s needs for people and skills is matched or surpassed by the aim of giving a rewarding experience to the volunteer.

A true win-win exists when a person can use a volunteer role to gain skills they could not easily gain within their paid employment or study path, or can use volunteering to try a new role, perhaps helping them begin a new career direction.

Volunteering is a great option for young people, or those in career pivot, who want to add skills to their CV or expand their network. It provides amazing opportunities to work with, and learn from, inspirational people outside your normal circle and beyond your own career domain or locality. 

PWN Global delivers its important mission mainly through volunteer effort. Working together, we aim to lift each other up, learn from each other, and be more together than the sum of our parts.

We are currently reviewing PWN’s Volunteer Program with the aim of providing the most rewarding experience for all volunteers. If you have feedback on this, please contact PWN Global Volunteer Linda Lanyon

PWN Global is constantly evolving to respond to the needs of its members, its corporate partners, and its community of gender balanced leadership advocates. Right now, there a a number of exciting volunteer opportunities open to you. Want to get involved? Check out our Volunteer Opportunities today.    



Date: January 2021
Author: Linda Lanyon, Volunteer, PWN Global 
Copy Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global

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