Request for Applications – PWN Global Board Roles 

The PWN Global Nominations Committee is delighted to invite you to submit your applications to be part of the PWN Global Federation Board. If you’re already volunteering in your local Board, or in another volunteer Board role outside PWN, and you’re ready to take that step to a global role, we’d love to hear from you! 

Why volunteer? 

Volunteering is a great way for you to develop your own skills and learn many new ones, in a safe and supportive environment. Watch this video from our current Presidents, Carina Furlong and Sheila Gemin, to find out more.  

Getting your company on board 

We encourage you to get your companies, organizations, clients, offices, and bosses on board with this opportunity for you to serve in a volunteer leadership role. Serving as a Board Member is not only a good opportunity for you but for them as well. In exchange from your commitment as a PWN Volunteer, you get the opportunity to develop leadership skills, increase your personal visibility and that of your organization with potential clients and, on the topic of gender balance, garner external wisdom on best practices. Importantly, volunteering demonstrates a commitment to gender balance as a business cause, not only by you but also by the organization that supports you in serving as a volunteer.      

Roles available 

The PWN Global Board roles to be elected by the members at the June 2021 AGM, for the June 2021-June 2023 term, will be restricted to the following positions:  

  • President / Co-Presidents 
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer 
  • VP Fundraising 

Once these roles are elected in June 2021, the future board may decide to expand the size of the board from among the programme & committee leaders, according to the defined strategies, plans and policies of PWN Global, and the balance of skills and competences. Those interested in other roles are encouraged to look at the volunteer section of the website, where other roles may be advertised.  


The deadline for applications is 23 April; details of how to apply can be found on the PWN Global website


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