PWN Romania: Virginia Otel speaks at the Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment at the Center for International Private Enterprise

PWN Global Co-President, Virginia Otel was delighted to be invited by the Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), to speak at the Cross-Regional Eurasia Conference and Networking Forum, “Women in Leadership” session at the end of September. 

Virginia Otel, PWN Global Co-President speaks at CIPEVirginia's was invited to speak at the session having been recognised as an impressive thought leader on the topic of Women in Leadership, and in recognition of her long and successful experience of serving as a President of PWN Romania and her recent appointment as Co-President for PWN Global. 

We are so proud that Virginia's immense contributions to advancing and supporting women’s leadership on a global scale are being noticed. 

The conference took place in a virtual setting and brought together speakers and participantsfrom Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The goal of the event was to provide a platform for cross-regional learning and networking for women entrepreneurs, women leaders, and women's rights activists from across the Eurasia region.

We asked Virginia what her lasting thoughts of the event were, here's what she said:

“I was delighted to share with the women who attended the conference about our mission to accelerate gender-balanced leadership and various programs that we have developed in terms of mentoring, women on boards, and entrepreneurship. Women solidarity is of utmost importance and we aim to develop new City Networks in areas where we can further contribute to the professional and leadership development of women and engage men in our endeavors to achieving our mission.”

Virginia is an incredible ambassador for PWN Global and represents every value that the network stands for.  We expect to see her on more podiums as the year progresses. 

Congratulations Virginia and thank you for all your great work!


Date: Oct 2021


Author: Rebecca Fountain, Marketing Consultant, PWN Global

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