2022 Leadership and Development Webinar Series

The PWN Global Leadership and Development Webinar Series is now in its sixth year of operation. This year, we will focus on the 10 top skills that the World Economic Forum has stated as essential for working in 2025 and beyond.

Our goal is to ensure that women in their careers are on track, and prepared for dynamically changing job markets, and that means offering you content that covers all the future skills that will serve your personal mission.

Helping each other to grow, by building a strong community and giving access to training in skills that will be needed in the future job market is one of our actions towards helping to grow a gender-balanced leadership community. 

Our Webinar series will be classified into four categories:

  • Problem-Solving,
  • Self-management,
  • Working with People, and,
  • Technology.

You can check out the full calendar of events by clicking here, and typing Webinar in the search function.  If you want to know more about the great content we have delivered over the past six years, take a look at our back catalogue of original recorded content, here



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