PWN Milan: Marina Rinaldi World Tour with PWN networks around the world!

In our last quarterly newsletter, we announced a great new collaboration with luxury fashion brand Marina Rinaldi – part of the Max Mara Group. The project is led by PWN Milan and involves seven of our PWN city networks in Europe (Milan, Rome, Paris, Nice, Madrid, Amsterdam and Brussels).

From mid-October till mid-November, PWN Global will be partnering the brand in a series of events at Marina Rinaldi flagship stores.

You can register to attend an event of your choice as and when registrations open.

Resgister now for:

Save the date for:

  • 22nd October at 17:00 (CEST) - Marina Rinaldi Milano with PWN Milan
  • 15th November at 19:00 (CET) - Marina Rinaldi Amsterdam with PWN Amsterdam
  • 15th November at 18:30 (CET) - Marina Rinaldi Madrid with PWN Madrid
  • 17th November at 19:00 (CET) - Marina Rinaldi Bruxelles Av. Louise with PWI Brussels

Marina Rinaldi Collaboration with PWN City Networks


As explained in our last article, the core message of this collaboration is “Empowerment Through Uniqueness” and each event expects to attract 40 women from both the PWN community and the Marina Rinaldi network. Each event will feature a mini- workshop on how to cultivate your own uniqueness, and a networking cocktail to follow. 

During the first part of each event, a coach from our local PWN network will hold a conversation one of the female participants to  develop a dialogue on the theme of Uniqueness, touching the following subjects: 

  • Recognising uniqueness at any time in our life
  • Emotional intelligence begins with self-awareness
  • What makes us feel good?
  • Being an example for future generation
  • Being better, together

We really hope the initiative will help grow the PWN community by encouraging other city networks to start global initiatives such as this one, and that it will help us to attract potential corporate partners who would be willing to collaborate with PWN on a global stage - advancing women's empowerment and gender balance.

We would like to support as many women as possible to build their self-awareness and confidence to dare to aspire to fulfill their dreams - we believe a fundamental part of that is teh power of the network!

If you'd like to find out more about this collaboration please get in touch.


Date: September 2022
Author: Francisca Pancera, Operations Director, PWN Milan
Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Marketing Consultant, PWN Global

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