Unmasked, Loved and Empowered

If you're looking for some truly inspirational reading this Summer, Unmasked, Loved and Empowered is the book for you. However, be ready - this book could change your life forever - this isn't your ordinary book of memoirs, it's a book that is designed to help you navigate your own internal, spiritual journey. 

This cleverly designed book works on many different levels - whether your seeking to refine your leadership skills, or find a better way to live your life. Author, and Founder of Innovation Co-Pilots Stephanie Mitrano, describes the book as a "story-guided-introspection-notebook" that will help you to move confidently on your journey to discovering, appreciating and empowering your authentic self. 

That's a big claim - and having known Stephanie for several years (as Co-VP Mentoring with PWN Global, and former President of PWN Marseille) I believe every word of the claim. 

Here's the sort of reviews that the book is getting:

"Unmasked, Loved and Empowered is a compelling story for those who yearn for inner peace and to live a free flowing life. Are you hiding behind walls which separate you from your authentic self? If so, ‘Unmasked, Loved and Empowered’ is tailor made for you. Take time and draw wisdom from Stephanie’s real stories of courage. She offers practical tools, guidance on how she boldly pealed layers that denied her to be truthful to herself and embrace who she really is. Her book is thought provoking and transparent." (Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author, Mentor, South Africa).

You can pick up your copy up today via Stéphanie's Innovation Co-Pilots website

Stephanie Mitrano, Innovation Co-Pilots, Author of Unmasked, Loved and EmpoweredStephanie is a talented coach and mentor who has always been able to help guide people on their journey with her unique blend of exceptional expertise and quiet, inner calm. 

We're delighted that Stephanie will be hosting the first of our PWN Global Leadership and Development Webinars, after the Summer break. 

On 15th September at 1pm (CEST), Stephanie will be hosting a session on 'Growing Through Challenges' - and with everything we've all coped with over the past two years, this session couldn't come at a better time. 

Using a short, practical and 'easily-reproducible-on-your-own' exercise of guided introspection, Stéphanie will help you develop critical skills of questioning and reviewing your challenging and emotional experiences in order to grow from them.

Want to join us? Sign up today!




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