Colleen Slaughter Blogs: Practise Makes Perfect

We read books, take classes, participate in seminars, and keep up with the latest info on social media to gain knowledge and increase our understanding of a topic. But that’s the easy part – it’s putting all this knowledge into practice that challenges many people.

In this article, Colleen Slaughter gives us three wise tips on how to put our knowledge into action. 

In addition to this, Coleen has a collection of interesting personal development articles that you can access via the blog page on her website. 

Colleen is an accomplished mentor that helps individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds achieve lasting transformation at a deeper level. Colleen shows them how to move toward real change through a clear understanding of their goals and by aligning their actions and behaviors with their core values.

And last, but by no means least - Coleen will be hosting a PWN Global personal leadership development webinar in 2018, helping us discover the topic of 'Untapping Your Inspirational Leader With Value Based Decision Making'. Want to be there? You can sign up now!



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